Sky Cloud Way Camping Site: Swing Your Way above the Valley!

Sky Cloud Path Campsite

Sky Cloud Path Campsite

Welcome to the Sky Cloud Path Campsite! Nestled on the foothills of Seongsu Mountain in Seongsu-eup, Imsil County, this campsite is a must-visit for every nature lover. Soar above the valley on a wooden swing and reach the path of clouds and sky!


This campsite, also functioning as a pension, has all its sites evenly covered with crushed stones, ensuring good drainage even when it rains. Every site has electricity and boasts clean amenities. You can enjoy pleasant camping throughout the four seasons, especially in the summer when it offers an ideal retreat from the heat. The abundant trees allow the sun to peek in only in the morning, providing cool shade all day. Nearby, you can play in the valley, catch crayfish, dragonflies, and freshwater snails, which inhabit the valley. Notably, freshwater snails are nocturnal, so make sure to enjoy the valley at night as well. The valley is adorned with a beautiful swing, reminiscent of a scene from a movie. With its long rope, the wood swing gives a feeling of riding a fairground ride, a far cry from the playground swings we usually know.


Located at 199-4 Wangbang-gil, Seongsu-myeon, Imsil-gun, Jeollabuk-do.

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