Relax in Nature at the NH Agricultural Cooperative Corporation Bongjwa Village Campsite

NH Corporate Bongjo Village Campsite

NH Corporate Bongjo Village Campsite

Embrace Nature in Comfort and Leisure

The NH Corporate Bongjo Village Campsite, located in the northern district of Pohang, Gyeongbuk, offers a serene escape for those looking to immerse themselves in rural tranquility. The campsite, around 20km from Pohang City Hall, is easily accessible via a road route that includes Heehop Road, Iksan-Pohang Expressway, and New Village Road, with a total travel time of approximately 20 minutes.

Experience the Simple Pleasures of Camping

This campsite, nestled within a rural village, is surrounded by mountains and the flowing waters of the Yonghan River. With 46 standard camping sites made of crushed stone and 8 glamping sites, the NH Corporate Bongjo Village Campsite offers plenty of room for relaxation. Each site is about 7m by 7m, providing ample space for personal trailers and caravans. Facilities on site include barbecue grills, electricity, and wireless internet. The campsite operates year-round, accepting reservations by phone, on-site, and online in real-time. Please note that pets are not allowed.

Explore the Surroundings

The campsite’s location is also a gateway to numerous local attractions. Nearby, you will find the Gyeongju Jeonghye Temple Site 13-story Stone Pagoda and the Yeongil Gicheon Mansion. For food enthusiasts, there’s a restaurant nearby offering local specialties like Agujjim (spicy monkfish stew) and Agutang (monkfish soup).

Essential Information

  • Address: 262-1, Bonggye-ri, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Pohang-si, Buk-gu, Gye-meon
  • Telephone: 054-243-2372

Activities Nearby

For those looking to engage in some outdoor activities, the campsite is conveniently located near a summer water play area and a walking trail, perfect for those warm summer days.