Rebirth of an Abandoned School into a Regular Camping Site: Sokrisan Sanarae Camping Ground

Sogni Mountain Sanae Campsite

Introducing a new camping experience in South Korea, perfectly blending the beauty of nature with the love for camping. The Sogni Mountain Sanae Campsite is a reimagined space that was once a school, now turned into an ordinary camping site.


Located in Sanoe-myeon, Boeun-gun, Chungbuk, the campsite is approximately 13 km from Boeun-gun Office. The journey here is a simple 20 minutes drive along the tranquil countryside road via Guncheong Street, Boeun Miwon Road, and Sanoe Road.

  • Name: Sogni Mountain Sanae Campsite
  • Address: 1770 Sogni Mountain Road, Sanoe-myeon, Boeun-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do

Campsite Overview

The campsite offers 58 camping spaces, all on crushed stone surfaces. Each site measures 6m in width and 9m in length. Not only personal trailers but also personal caravans are allowed. Unfortunately, no pets are allowed in the camping area.

The management office provides camping equipment such as tents, reel lines, heating appliances, and tableware for rent. The campsite operates continuously throughout the four seasons, accepting real-time online reservations.

Attractions and Amenities

The campsite is surrounded by abundant tourist resources. Nearby attractions include the National Sogni Mountain Maltijae Natural Recreation Forest, Sogni Mountain National Park, and Beopjusa Temple. A variety of restaurants are also operating near Beopjusa Temple for those who wish to explore the local cuisine.

  • Features and benefits: School
  • Telephone: None
  • Nearby activities: None