Polar Bear Campground: A Nature-Friendly Camping Site Next to Heungjeong Valley

Polar Bear Campground

Polar Bear Campground

The Polar Bear Campground, or 북극곰 야영장 in Korean, is a nature-friendly camping site situated next to the scenic Heungjeong Valley. This camping site stands out even in the beautiful Heungjeong Valley for its exceptional beauty.

Location and Atmosphere

The Polar Bear Campground is located right above the Herb Country Farm in the middle of Heungjeong Valley. This location is particularly noteworthy as the campground is nestled right next to a lush forest, with deck sites arranged within the woodland, providing optimal conditions for camping. Although there might be minor inconvenience of having to descend a step from the parking lot located right next to the road towards the valley, it rather provides a unique opportunity to enjoy tranquil camping.

Contact and Address

  • Address: 313-3 Heungjeong Valley Road, Bongpyeong-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon Province
  • Telephone: 033-333-2019

Nearby Activities

One of the exciting activities nearby is visiting the renowned autumn foliage site, making it a perfect destination for autumn camping. Enjoy the vibrant colors of the leaves, adding a masterstroke of nature’s beauty to your camping experience.