Playground Glamping: A Variety of Fun and Peaceful Rest at our Korean Camping Site

Playground Glamping: A Haven of Varied Pleasures and Tranquil Rest

Playground Glamping

The Playground Glamping site, or “놀터글램핑” in Korean, is a tranquil and cozy camping ground located near Soyo Mountain Station in Dongducheon, Gyeonggi Province. This unique site offers six captivating glamping units, with a space design that sets it apart from your ordinary camping ground. As you step into the comfortable rooms, you are welcomed by a friendly atmosphere, as if you’re visiting a friend’s home.

Each unit is equipped with a large air conditioner and heater, a refrigerator, a TV, a microwave, a bed, a coffee pot, a sofa, and mood lighting. Each unit also has a private veranda, making it possible for campers to enjoy a barbecue.

Facilities and Activities

The Playground Glamping site comes with a restaurant that doubles as an indoor barbecue site. It offers delicious Samgyetang (Ginseng Chicken Soup), which campers can buy and enjoy. The site also has a café with a live performance stage where you can enjoy a casual drink.

For campers who come in groups, such as for MT (Membership Training), night-time picnics, or hobby clubs, the site offers a wide grass soccer field and a golf practice area. Behind the campsite, there’s a mini-farm with pheasants and chickens, providing a natural learning space for children.

In the summer, campers can enjoy a clean, spacious swimming pool with a deck where you can have fun riding tubes. There are chairs placed next to the pool for resting. One of the special places in Playground Glamping is the Silgae Stream, which has benches. You can dip your feet into the cool water, eat your meal, or enjoy a cup of coffee.

As night falls, the site turns into a romantic space where you can enjoy a campfire under the charming lights.

Benefits and Features

  • A place where you can rest comfortably in a family-friendly atmosphere.
  • Group visits are possible.
  • All facilities are clean.
  • There’s a karaoke system for complete entertainment.

Contact Information

Address: 274-57, Sincheon-ro, Dongducheon-si, Gyeonggi-do (Sangbongam-dong)

Telephone: 031-867-1220

Please note that there are no listed nearby activities. However, with the wide array of facilities and activities available on site, there’s no shortage of fun and relaxation at Playground Glamping.