Peace Nuri Campsite: Start Your DMZ Adventure in a Haven Freely Frequented by Wind and Migratory Birds

Peace Nuri Campground: A Haven of Freedom and Tranquility

Peace Nuri Campground
Situated in the Imjingak tourist spot, the starting point of the DMZ tour where the winds and migratory birds freely travel between the North and South, the Peace Nuri Campground is a camping site that was newly established in 2018. This campground offers a vast camping site capable of accommodating 150 different camping activities such as ‘Caravan, Auto Camping, Eco Camping, Campnic & BBQ’. They also provide rental camping services for those who are new to camping, making it easy for anyone to enjoy the camping experience. To ensure the convenience of the campers, facilities like ‘shower rooms, toilets, indoor and outdoor washing places, and convenience stores’ are available.

In addition to the camping facilities, the campground is also adjacent to the ‘Peace Nuri Park’, known for its wide lawn square, outdoor theater, and windmill hill. It is also close to the ‘Suple Nuri (Wetland Experience Learning Center)’, a space for ecological and natural experiences, and the ‘DMZ Ecotourism Support Center’, a complex cultural space. This makes it possible for visitors to enjoy various leisure activities along with camping.

Contact Details & Location

Address: 148-40 Imjingak-ro, Munsan-eup, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do

Telephone: 1670-3856

Features, Benefits, and Nearby Activities

  • Features and benefits: None specified
  • Nearby activities: None specified

Despite the lack of specific features and benefits or nearby activities listed, the Peace Nuri Campground itself offers a diverse range of activities and experiences that can cater to any camper’s preference. Whether you are a first-time camper or a seasoned veteran, Peace Nuri Campground provides a unique and memorable camping experience in the heart of Korean nature and culture.