Park Seok Camping Ground: A Small-scale Rural Camping Experience Ideal for Families

Stone Park Camping Grounds

Stone Park Camping Grounds

Embark on a journey of nostalgia and reconnect with nature at the Stone Park Camping Grounds, a family-friendly, small-scale rural experiential learning camp. Located in Nakha-ri, Tanhyeon-myeon, Paju City, it offers an authentic rural experience reminiscent of visiting your grandfather’s orchard in the old days.

Campsite Details

The campsite, comprising a 13,000 square meter orchard and a 10,000 square meter rice field and farm, caters to small groups with less than 20 sites. It refrains from hosting artificial play facilities and large group camping. The camping sites are well-structured, with 17 gravel sites and 3 deck sites. The lush forest provides ample shade, and camping near the farm is also an option. The expansive grass lawn in front of the farm is a proud feature of the Stone Park Camping Grounds, offering ample space for children to run around and engage in light activities such as badminton.

Features and Benefits

  • Exclusive family camping ground – friends and colleagues not permitted.
  • Despite its small scale, it’s a healing campsite for 21,000 cafe members.
  • Pristine lawn – perfect for relaxation and play.

Facilities and Rules

Each team is allowed to reserve a maximum of 2 sites and visitor entry is prohibited. Facilities such as shower facilities, washstands, and toilets are well-maintained for convenience. During the summer, a water playground is operated for children aged 5 to 10. Experiences such as pear tree allocation, pear picking, and rubber digging are also offered.

Location and Contact

The campsite is located at 135-48, Dong-ori Road, Tanhyeon-myeon, Paju, Gyeonggi-do (Stone Park Farm). No telephone contact is available.

Nearby Activities

  • Spring flower travel
  • Fall foliage viewing spots