Paradise Camp: The Best Riverside Camping Experience in Bupheunggye Valley

Paradise Camp

Paradise Camp

Paradise Camp, also known as the “Paradise of Korean Camping,” is situated upstream of the Beopheung Valley in Yeongwol, a place renowned for its breathtaking landscape.

A Heavenly Oasis

Upon your arrival, you’re greeted by a large signboard that reads “Welcome to Paradise” at the entrance of the river. Crossing the bridge, you’ll find two camping areas: on the left is the “Welcome to Campsite,” and on the right is the Paradise Campsite. Although these two campsites have different operators, they collaborate in their marketing and branding efforts. They also cater to the needs of their customers by interchanging their facilities.

The “Welcome to Campsite” boasts excellent swimming facilities for children, while Paradise offers splendid views of the valley and pine forest. This environment is shared between the two, creating a diverse and exciting camping experience for all.

The area in front of the Paradise Camp offers the most picturesque views of Beopheung Valley. The flat, stacked rocks and the flowing valley water create a magnificent landscape. The valley is also the perfect spot for water play in summer. Furthermore, the dense pine forest next to the valley forms the camping ground, creating a serene and refreshing atmosphere for campers.

Location & Contact Information

  • Address: 1128-10, Mureung Beopheung-ro, Mureung Dowon-myeon, Yeongwol-gun, Gangwon-do, South Korea
  • Telephone: 010-5554-1008

Nearby Activities

During the summer, visitors can enjoy water play in the valley. In the autumn, the area becomes a famous spot for viewing the stunning fall foliage.