Millmo Red Skirt Campsite: Where Hearts Expand Following the Wind and Clouds

(주)Millmo Red Skirt Campground

Imagine a place where your heart expands with the wind and the clouds. A place that boasts a breathtaking view of the Muree Resort’s snow field to the right, and the magnificent Jaksang Mountain right in front. Welcome to Millmo Red Skirt Campground in Muree, South Korea.

Millmo is the name of the area, and Red Skirt is derived from the Korean words for red (Jaksang) and skirt, inspired by the mountain’s name, which resembles a red skirt when its leaves change color in the fall. This campground is not just a campground. It’s a camping resort that offers a variety of accommodations including glamping tents, caravan camping, auto camping, and a family hotel.


You don’t need to worry about food here. Their main building houses a Korean beef restaurant, allowing you to enjoy a meal without needing to bring your own. There’s also a coffee shop for those who fancy a cup of Joe while enjoying some leisure time. For entertainment, they have a karaoke room in the basement, a billiard room, a table tennis room, and a screen golf course on the second floor. For the little ones, there’s a large pool with a slide, a sandbox playground, basketball court, and a foot volleyball court where children’s laughter never fades.

Experience the Beauty

Wake up to the stunning view of Jaksang Mountain from the campground, and be surprised by the refreshing air. If you’re looking to engage in nearby activities, there are plenty of options. You can enjoy the beautiful sunrise, sunset, skiing, fall foliage, winter snowflowers, and even a walking trail.

Location and Contact

  • Address: 79-30, Millmo-gil, Jaksang-myeon, Muju-gun, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea
  • Telephone: 063-322-7000

Whether you’re a local or a traveler seeking a unique and breathtaking camping experience, Millmo Red Skirt Campground is just the right place for you.