Jung-an Glamping: A Camping Site Filled with Luxurious Facilities

Jungan Glamping

Jungan Glamping, literally translated as Jungan Glamourous Camping, is a gem nestled in the tranquil Jungan Myeon of Gongju City, Chungnam. The name is testament to its glamorous and abundant facilities that set it apart from your typical camping experience.

Jungan Glamping

Getting There

The campsite is approximately 20Km from Gongju City Hall. A car ride through Jemincheon 3-gil, Baekje Great Road, and Charyeong Road will get you there in about 30 minutes. Despite being located in a small city, the moment you step into the entrance, you’ll be engulfed by its nature-friendly atmosphere, feeling as if you’ve ventured into the heart of a forest.

Accommodation and Facilities

Jungan Glamping boasts of 20 glamorous camping units, each equipped with a bed, television, air conditioner, and other household items to ensure a comfortable stay. Each unit also comes with an outdoor private deck fitted with barbecue facilities.

  • Large and small swimming pools
  • Coffee shop selling beverages
  • Various game facilities including a ping-pong table
  • Karaoke facilities to let loose and have fun

Plans to further expand facilities, such as a screen golf course, futsal field, bicycle trail, flower-based landscaping, and winter sledding, are underway.

Contact Information

Address: 88, Gwangjeong Market Street, Jungan Myeon, Gongju City, Chungnam
Telephone: 041-856-0030

Nearby Activities

While there are no specific nearby activities listed, the campsite’s location in Gongju City offers ample opportunities for exploration. As a city rich in history and culture, Gongju has various attractions that campers can visit to get a taste of Korean history.