Jueun Nature Retreat: A Camping Site Perfect for Kids Water Activities

Jueun Natural Recreation Forest

Jueun Natural Recreation Forest

Take a relaxing retreat at the Jueun Natural Recreation Forest. Located alongside the pristine and beautiful Wolseonggyegok valley in the mountainous landscapes of Gyeongnam Geochang, this camping site is perfect for families with its shallow waters, ideal for children to play in.

About Jueun Natural Recreation Forest

The Jueun Natural Recreation Forest, privately owned and operated, boasts of its bountiful natural surroundings, including the Namdeok Mountain and Wolseonggyegok valley. The campsite is divided into three sections, with the A and B sites located right in front of the valley, offering an ideal play area for children. The riverside deck site is complemented by the valley and the shade of trees, adding to the overall serene ambiance of the place.

The campsite is equipped with electricity, requiring a reel line of 30m. It features warm water facilities including a shower room, toilets, and a water point. Inside the water point, you’ll find a place to clean your stove and a washing machine, complete with a microwave. Remember, you’re required to use the stove for fire. This site also has the honor of being a filming location for a popular reality show “Dad, Where Are We Going”. Due to its popularity, securing a reservation during the holiday season can be challenging.

Location and Nearby Activities

The Jueun Natural Recreation Forest is located at 1642, Deokyuwolseong-ro, Buksang-myeon, Geochang-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do.

  • Fall foliage viewing spot
  • Winter snow flower viewing spot
  • Walking trails

Experience the natural beauty of Korea and the calmness of the serene forest at Jueun Natural Recreation Forest. A camping experience here is sure to be a memorable one.