Jjos Glamping: A Leisure & Glamping Site Located in Tapdong Valley

Jaws Glamping

Jaws Glamping

Set in the beautiful Tapdong Valley of Wangbang Mountain, Jaws Glamping is an impressive leisure and glamping site that is sure to capture the hearts of campers and Korean culture enthusiasts alike. Located just across the Tapdong Village Hall under the Tamdol Tunnel, this site offers a unique blend of modern luxury and traditional Korean aesthetics.

At Jaws Glamping, you can choose from a variety of glamping tents and guest rooms designed in the style of Hanok, traditional Korean houses. One of the distinctive features of this site is the colossal swimming pool, with a shark doll hanging above, reminiscent of the movie “Jaws”. The pool area is divided into sections for adults and children, surrounded by decks and bungalows.

Besides, there is a Book Cafe where children can relax and read, a two-story observatory rest area, and a separate barbecue area, all designed for the comfort and enjoyment of the guests.

Location and Nearby Activities

Jaws Glamping is located at 1422-34, Samyuksa-ro, Dongducheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, in the Tapdong-dong neighborhood. While the campsite does not provide a contact number, it makes up for it with an array of nearby activities. You can engage in various activities, enjoy the summer water play, and visit famous autumn foliage spots. This location truly offers a vibrant mix of relaxation and adventure, making it an ideal choice for both families and solo travelers.

  • Name: Jaws Glamping
  • Address: 1422-34, Samyuksa-ro, Dongducheon-si, Gyeonggi-do (Tapdong-dong)
  • Nearby activities: Activities, Summer water play, Famous autumn foliage spots