Jeonwolsan National Leisure Campground: A Nature-Friendly Camping Experience by the Forested Valley

Jeonwolsan National Leisure Campground: A Nature-Friendly Haven

Jeonwolsan National Leisure Campground

Comfortably nestled in the heart of Sejong City’s Yeongi county, the Jeonwolsan National Leisure Campground is a natural sanctuary for campers. The campground is conveniently located about 7km from Sejong City Hall, a short 15-minute drive via City Hall Road, Jeoljae Road, and Imnan Su Road.

The campground is naturally friendly, thanks to its location at the foot of Nojeoksan Mountain. Enclosed by mountains on all sides, it gives campers the feeling of being in a fortress, immersed in the enchanting serenity of nature. The chirping of unnamed birds adds a joyous melody to the camping experience.

Accommodations and Facilities

The campground offers 22 general camping sites, 8 of which are easy tent zones where campers can set up their tents and enjoy camping with just their essentials. All sites measure 8m in width and 5m in length. The ground consists of 13 crushed rock sites and 8 deck sites. As of 2020, the campground is open year-round, but there is a possibility of closure during the winter season. Please note that personal trailers and caravans are not allowed, and pet dogs are not permitted either.

Contact and Location

  • Address: 169 Galmae-ro, Yeongi County, Sejong Special Self-Governing City
  • Telephone: 044-300-5822

Despite the lack of specified features and benefits, or nearby activities, the Jeonwolsan National Leisure Campground offers an immersive experience with nature, allowing campers to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of city life and reconnect with the tranquillity of the outdoors. This campground is perfect for those seeking a peaceful and serene camping retreat amidst the beauty of Korean nature.