Insamgol Auto Camping Site: Where the Splendor of Geumgang River Meets the Freshness of the Forest

Insamgol Auto Camping Site

South Korea, a country known for its vibrant culture and stunning landscapes, offers a plethora of camping experiences to satisfy every adventurer’s heart. Today, we’re setting our sights on a place that harmoniously blends the freshness of the forest with the beauty of the Geum River – the Insamgol Auto Camping Site.

Insamgol Auto Camping Site

Located at Jeonwon-myeon, Geumsan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, the Insamgol Auto Camping Site is approximately 11km from the Geumsan County Office. It can be reached by driving along Ginseng Road, Geum River Road, and Yonghwa Road, taking roughly 20 minutes to arrive.

Experience the nature up close

What sets this camping site apart is its location. It’s surrounded by lush forests and pierced by the Geum River, allowing campers to experience the freshness of the woods and the scenic beauty of the river simultaneously. The campsite has 55 lots for car camping, each equipped with a deck installed over the grass. With a size of 10m x 10m, the sites are spacious enough to accommodate large tents without any inconvenience. Individual trailers and caravans are also allowed.

Year-round camping and activities

The Insamgol Auto Camping Site operates all year round, on weekdays and weekends, accepting real-time online reservations. And it’s not just about camping. There are popular tourist spots nearby, such as Boseoksa Temple and Jeokbyeokgang River. Plus, a variety of restaurants are operating within a 20-minute drive, allowing campers to indulge in gastronomic delights as well.

  • Address: 271-1, Yonghwa-ri, Jeonwon-myeon, Geumsan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do
  • Telephone: Not available
  • Nearby activities: Fishing, Spring flower viewing, Fall foliage viewing, Winter snow flower viewing, Walking trails

A camping trip at the Insamgol Auto Camping Site is indeed a chance to embrace the beauty of Korea’s nature. So pack your camping gear and hit the road to this haven of tranquility.