Geumansanjang Campsite: Offering Healthier Getaways with Its Special Clay Room

Gumansanjang Campground

Gumansanjang Campground

Line Introduction

The Gumansanjang Campground, known for its health-promoting loess room.


The Gumansanjang Campground is located on the last slope of the Yeongnam Alps, Guman Mountain. It’s a camping site that combines a pension, garden, and campground. The campground is famous for having a loess room, which is known to be good for health. The campground is located right next to a clear stream, making it an ideal place for water play on hot summer days.

There is a large swimming pool with a trampoline and slide, which kids love. It’s big enough for many people to use, and there is a platform next to the pool where mothers can check on their children playing safely in the water.

The campground has a large banquet hall and garden, which can be used for workshops and group meetings. In the garden, you can enjoy dishes such as village chicken herbal soup and village chicken charcoal chicken. All the facilities in the campground are neatly arranged, and the restroom has a toilet for children, which has become a favorite spot for kids.

If you walk up the walking path in the campground, you will find the Guman waterfall. It’s a breathtaking scenic spot that will make you admire it.


223-6 Bongui-ro, Sannae-myeon, Miryang-si, Gyeongsangnam-do


Telephone: 055-353-7252

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