Explore the Best Beaches of the Southern Coast at Wando Myeongsashili Auto Camping Site

Wando Myeongsashimni Auto Camping Site: Stroll Along the Best Beaches of the Southern Coast

Wando Myeongsashimni Auto Camping Site

Wando Myeongsashimni Auto Camping Site finds its home on Myeongsashimni Beach, located within Sinjido. Known for having the most mineral-rich seawater in the country, Myeongsashimni Beach is not only grand in size but also strikingly beautiful. It has been referred to as “Ulmorae” or “Myeongsashimni,” named after the phenomenon of hearing the sound of sand weeping even ten miles away.

The beach, visited annually by a million vacationers, features a vast silvery white sand beach that stretches 3.8 km in length and 150m in width. Its gentle slope, dense pine forests, parking facilities, shower and changing rooms, and sightseeing paths make it a continual attraction for couples and families. The hot, soft sand bath, particularly heated in the summer sun, is known to be beneficial for seniors suffering from degenerative arthritis and neuralgia. The mineral-rich seawater is renowned for its excellent effects on skin diseases and skin aging prevention.

Highlights of Wando Myeongsashimni Auto Camping Site

  • The surrounding rocky seashore is rich in fish resources like red snapper, sea bass, and flatfish, making it a popular fishing spot.

  • Sinjido Myeongsashimni, connected to Wando-eup and Sinji-myeon by the Sinji Bridge which opened on December 14, 2005, has transformed into a mainland. The night view of Sinji Bridge has established itself as a landmark of Wando.

  • Designated as one of the top three excellent beaches in the country in 2013, it was selected as the safest water spot by the National Fire Agency in 2014, and in 2019, it became the first in Korea to receive the Blue Flag international certification from the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) in Copenhagen, Denmark, given to clean and safe beaches.

  • Wando Myeongsashimni Auto Camping Site, created by the Wando County with a budget of around 6.2 billion won, aims to provide over a million annual visitors with a comfortable and cozy way to enjoy the beautiful sights of Wando. It is an auto camping and caravan park built on 8,200 square meters, with 48 deck camping sites and 22 caravans.

Facilities and Attractions

The facilities include showers, drinking fountains, convenience stores, futsal fields, campfires, and playgrounds. Nearby attractions include Jeongdo-ri Gu-gyeoldung, Wando Arboretum, Jangbogo Drama Set, Wando Tower, Mysterious Sea Road, and Judo. You can also enjoy touring the beautiful southern islands such as Cheongsando and Bogildo.

Contact Information

Address: 54, Myeongsashimni 61-gil, Sinji-myeon, Wando-gun, Jeollanam-do
Telephone: 061-552-9999