Explore Sangju-Bo: A Riverside Auto Camping Site in Korea

Sangju Dam Auto Campground: A Hidden Gem Along the Nakdong River

Sangju Dam Auto Campground

The Sangju Dam Auto Campground (상주보 오토캠핑장) is a charming camping site nestled along the beautiful Nakdong River in the Do-nam neighborhood of Sangju City, Gyeongsangbuk-do Province. This hidden gem offers campers a unique experience of both camping and water sports activities.

Getting There

From the Sungju City Hall, it takes approximately a 25-minute drive covering a distance of 12km. By taking the SamBaek Road, Gyeongcheon Road, and Yongma Road in succession, you’ll arrive at this wonderful campground.

About the Campground

The Sangju Dam Auto Campground boasts of 80 gravel camping sites of various sizes: 60 sites measuring 10m x 10m and 20 sites measuring 4m x 7m. The campground provides amenities such as fire pits and electricity. It should be noted that while personal trailers are allowed, caravans cannot enter. You can also rent tents, reel lines, and fire pits from the management office. The campground operates all year round and only accepts reservations online in real-time. Unfortunately, pets are not allowed.

Nearby Activities

In addition to camping, you can also enjoy various water sports activities at the Sangju Dam Water Sports Center located nearby. For those who enjoy sightseeing, there are numerous tourist spots around the campground including the Nakdong River Gyeongcheon Bridge, Donam Seowon, and Sangju Donghae Temple. The Deokbeol Restaurant, famous for its Jeju black pork barbecue, is also located nearby.

Contact Information

  • Address: 120-4, Do-nam, Sangju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
  • Telephone: 054-500-7003

If you’re a camping enthusiast who also loves water sports or wish to explore Korean culture and history, Sangju Dam Auto Campground is definitely a place worth considering for your next camping adventure.