Experience Yeongsan River at Seungchonbo Camping Site: A Place Full of Sights and Excitement

Youngsan River Seungchonbo Campsite (영산강 승촌보캠핑장)

With a stunning view of the Youngsan River and a plethora of attractions to enjoy, the Youngsan River Seungchonbo Campsite is a must-visit for outdoor enthusiasts. Its accessibility from the city center, combined with the diverse range of activities it offers, makes it an optimal location for both day trips and overnight camping.

Youngsan River Seungchonbo Campsite

Opened in 2012, the campsite is situated on a 9980㎡ piece of land, with 53 camping spots available. It comes equipped with cleaning stations, bathrooms, shower facilities, and electrical facilities. Additionally, the campsite allows the use of fire pits, making it a perfect place for a barbecue party.

The campsite, apart from offering camping facilities, also has numerous other attractions. Whether it’s taking a stroll on the extensive walking trails, cycling along the bicycle path while admiring the view of Youngsan River, or learning about Youngsan River and Seungchonbo at the Youngsan River Cultural Center, there’s something for everyone. The open view from the observatory deck is also not to be missed. For those who enjoy sports, a nearby football field allows for various sports activities to be enjoyed with friends and family.

Features and Benefits

The Youngsan River Seungchonbo Campsite’s location on the Youngsan River provides a feeling of openness that is truly unique.

Location and Contact

  • Address: 577 Seungchon-dong, Nam-gu, Gwangju Metropolitan City
  • Telephone: 061-333-9638

Nearby Activities

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