Experience Wellness at Hanchun Natural Recreation Forest: Koreas Premier Camping Site

Hanchun Natural Recreation Forest Camping Site

Hanchun Natural Recreation Forest Camping Site

Home to healthful recreation, the Hanchun Natural Recreation Forest Camping Site offers a refreshing experience of Korean nature and culture.

About the Camping Site

Located within the Hanchun Natural Recreation Forest at the foot of Cheonwoon Mountain in Hwasun County, the camping site provides a convenient camping experience with clean caravans and pleasant camping facilities. Positioned in the center of Hwasun County, the site is easily accessible from the city with its less steep mountains. Upon reaching the summit of Cheonwoon Mountain at an altitude of 601m, one gets a bird’s eye view of Hwasun town and the lush forest enveloping the recreation area, as if spreading its arms to the southeast.

Experience Nature’s Bliss

This pristine area, teeming with blue forests and clear valleys, offers a respite from the city surrounded by skyscrapers. It’s a place where one can enjoy a special day immersed in nature. You can listen to the sounds of nature flowing from the mountains in tranquility, or take a stroll along the walking paths, inhaling the fresh air. At this nature-friendly camping site, indulge in forest bathing to elevate your health while relaxing your mind and body.

Local Attractions

  • Dogok Hot Springs
  • Hwasun Dolmen Park
  • Unjusa Temple
  • Yongam Temple

Essential Information

Address: 719 Jukheon-ro, Hanchun-myeon, Hwasun-gun, Jeollanam-do, South Korea
Telephone: 061-379-3736

Nearby Activities

During your stay, don’t miss out on the local activities such as water play in summer, appreciating autumn leaves, and exploring the walking trails.