Experience Urban Nature Retreat at Gwangju Citizens Forest Campsite!

Gwangju Citizen’s Forest Campsite

Gwangju Citizen's Forest Campsite

Discover a haven of natural tranquility within the bustling city at Gwangju Citizen’s Forest Campsite!


Less than a 10-minute drive from the cutting-edge district in Gwangju Metropolitan City, you’ll find the campsite in Gwangju Citizen’s Forest. Run directly by the city, it boasts some of the cleanest facilities around. Constructed over a total area of 9,000㎡, the campsite comprises 57 sites (19 for cars, 38 for general camping). Despite being a fairly new setup, having only been established around 2 years ago, it harmoniously blends with the neighboring Yeongsan River and the riverside park, offering a remarkably eco-friendly environment.

A significant advantage of Gwangju Citizen’s Forest Campsite is the large trees providing a shaded canopy over most sites, enabling campers to set up hammocks and enjoy the coolness. Additionally, the well-developed walking paths make it perfect for morning and evening strolls. It’s an especially convenient site for families with young children, who can navigate the area effortlessly even with a stroller. Every summer, a swimming pool is also operated here, making it a recommended summer vacation spot for those who wish to enjoy camping and swimming simultaneously.

Features and Benefits

  • Located by the Yeongsan River, offering a cozy and quiet atmosphere.


Gwangju Metropolitan City, Buk-gu, Wolchul-dong, 968


Telephone: 062-613-6467

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