Experience Tranquil Weekends at Cheongdo Geo Auto Camping Site

Introducing the Cheongdo Geo-oto Camping Ground

Cheongdo Geo-oto Camping Ground, the epitome of relaxation and happiness, is situated in Maejeon-ri, Cheongdo-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do. It is approximately a 30-minute drive, or about 19 km from Cheongdo County Office, via Jungang-ro, Songwon 1-gil, and Cheongmae-ro. This camping ground is surrounded by high mountains with a river flowing in front of it, providing a very nature-friendly environment.

Amenities and Facilities

The camping ground is equipped with 20 general campsites made of crushed stone. The sizes and numbers of the sites are 2 sites of 8m x 12m, 3 sites of 7m x 16m, and 15 sites of 7m x 14m. Campers can enjoy the use of a brazier, electricity, and wireless internet. The management office also operates a snack bar and lends out fishing lines, braziers, and heating devices. The camping ground operates all year round, and reservations can be made by phone, on-site, or online.


In the vicinity of the campsite, there are numerous tourist spots such as Cheongdo Station and Bohyeonsa Temple. There is also a famous restaurant, Cheongdo Cham Hanwoo Meat Restaurant, renowned for its Hanwoo beef dishes.

Nearby Activities

  • Summer Water Play
  • Autumn Foliage Spot
  • Walking Trail

Contact Information

Address: 8-31, Donghwa-gil, Maejeon-ri, Cheongdo-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do

Telephone: None