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Tori Eye Glamping: Your Family-Friendly Resort in the Heart of Nature

Tori Eye Glamping

Imagine a place where the tranquility of nature meets the comfort of a resort – this is what you will find at Tori Eye Glamping, a resort-style accommodation facility boasting both pool villas and glamping facilities. Located in the serene Gangwon Province, Tori Eye Glamping is designed with family travelers in mind, particularly those with young children.

The resort is strategically placed on a hill overlooking the Shine Dale Golf Course, and is in close proximity to Mogok Amusement Park. As you make your way into the resort, you’ll notice the villas to your left and the glamping tents to your right, drawing a perfect balance between comfort and adventure.

What sets Tori Eye Glamping apart is its dedication to creating not just a place to sleep, but a safe and fun-filled environment for children to play and learn. The resort features a spacious sand playground that fosters emotional connection among children, and a forest learning experience that brings them closer to nature. For the tech-savvy kids, the resort also features spaces where they can control RC cars and drones.

Resort Details

  • Address: 190-20 Seolmil-gil, Seo-myeon, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon Province
  • Telephone: 010-9463-1889

Nearby Activities

While at Tori Eye Glamping, you might want to take advantage of the nearby ski facilities for a fun-filled day on the slopes. Whether you are a seasoned skier or a beginner, the ski facilities offer a great way to enjoy the winter season.

Embrace a holiday that combines comfort, fun, learning, and nature at Tori Eye Glamping.