Experience the Rustic Charm of Damyang Nurungji Camping Site

Scorched Rice Camping Ground

Scorched Rice Camping Ground

Just like the earthy appeal of scorched rice, or ‘Nurungji’ as it’s known in Korean, the Nurungji Camping Ground located in the town of Damyang, offers a homely and welcoming atmosphere for all campers. Nestled in the Chuwolsan Road of Yongmyeon, this site brings out your nostalgic memories of playing in your hometown.

Camping Experience

During winters, the camping ground sees many overnight campers, while in summer, it turns into a lively place with a seasonal restaurant serving delicious chicken soup. The campers love to take a dip in the stream just in front of the camping ground. If you drive about 5 minutes past the entrance of Chuwolsan, you will see a signboard for the camping ground, making it a great spot to also tour Chuwolsan.

Despite its rustic name, the Nurungji Camping Ground features very neat facilities. The bathroom and shower facilities are located together, built with cypress walls, providing a clean and eco-friendly atmosphere. The hot water supply is also excellent.

Features and Benefits

  • There’s a spacious lawn for children to run around and play, making it an ideal spot for groups to enjoy a game of Korean foot volleyball.
  • The campsite is surrounded by many trees and in the middle of the campsite, there are trees suitable for hanging hammocks.
  • In autumn, there are several chestnut trees, offering campers a chance to go chestnut picking. If you venture further towards the front deck road of Chuwolsan, you can enjoy a scenic walk.
  • There’s a summer-limited restaurant and other facilities. Although the deck and site partitioning work is still in progress, it’s expected to be completed soon. However, part of it is still operational.

Contact Information

Address: 1316, Chuwolsan-ro, Yongmyeon, Damyang-gun, Jeollanam-do, South Korea

Telephone: 061-381-7510

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