Experience the Outdoors at Haenghwa Village Nature Theme Park: A Kids Paradise with Plenty of Amenities

Haenghwa Village Natural Theme Park

Haenghwa Village Natural Theme Park

Located in the verdant region of Jicheon-myeon, Chilgok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, the Haenghwa Village Natural Theme Park is a compact sanctuary of fun and relaxation for families and camping enthusiasts. Just a comfortable 30-minute drive from Chilgok County Office and about 16 kilometers away, the campsite offers a variety of amenities and activities that kids in particular will love.

Getting There and Site Features

Getting to the park is a scenic journey, passing through Seokjeon-ro, Hoguk Peace Road, Sohak-ro, and Jicheon-ro. The campsite has five designated areas for car camping, laid with crushed stone. Each site measures 6 meters wide and 9 meters long. There are four restrooms and two shower areas for each gender, as well as four washing areas. The park allows the entrance of personal caravans and trailers, and even small dogs are permitted.

Activities and Attractions

The Haenghwa Village Natural Theme Park boasts a large swimming pool, which naturally turns into a children’s paradise during the hot summer months. Because of its popularity, the campsite temporarily closes for two months from July to focus on the pool operation. Beyond aquatic fun, the park also offers a rich array of experience-oriented programs designed with children in mind. These include tofu making, animal feeding, sweet potato digging, soybean paste making, and potato digging.

Location Details

  • Address: 798-9 Jicheon-ro, Jicheon-myeon, Chilgok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do
  • Nearby activities: Summer water activities

Whether you’re looking for a memorable family camping trip or a summer getaway filled with fun and educational activities for your kids, the Haenghwa Village Natural Theme Park is a destination worth considering.