Experience the Excitement of Camping at Shinan Woojeon Seolleme Campsite

Sinan Woojeon Seolleme Camping Site

Get ready to experience the joy of camping at Sinan Woojeon Seolleme Camping Site.

Sinan Woojeon Seolleme Camping Site

Sinan Woojeon Seolleme Camping Site, which translates to “New Love Camping Site in Sinan”, is nestled within the pine forest of Jeungdo Slow City. A joint investment between the Rural Community Corporation and local governments, this camping site is spread over 3,000 square feet and offers camping, caravan, and pension options.

What to Expect

The camping site is located under the trees, providing a fresh and cool atmosphere. It is divided into three sections – a regular camping area under the trees, a spacious auto camping site, and a beach camping site with a sea view – enabling campers to choose according to their preferences. The caravan is decorated with cypress wood on the inside, promising a refreshing scent as soon as the door is opened. With fully equipped cooking and shower facilities, you can comfortably enjoy your camping experience.


The site is located right in front of a vast ocean, precisely in front of Woocheon Beach, which is a representative beach of Sinan. The beach offers an exotic view with parasols on every deck, giving a feeling of being on a vacation abroad. The sand on the beach is fine, and the slope is gentle, making it a good water play area for children. As the sun sets, one can enjoy a beautiful sunset from the campsite, so dazzling it could be rightly called a ‘Golden Sunset’.


Address: 1797-1, Jidojeungdo-ro, Jeungdo-myeon, Sinan-gun, Jeollanam-do
Telephone: 061-275-3692

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Experience the best of Korean culture and nature at Sinan Woojeon Seolleme Camping Site. Come and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones!