Experience the Comprehensive Forest Eco-Resort at Geumsan Forest Cultural Town: Enjoying Wilderness Camping in Korea

Geumsan Forest Culture Town

Geumsan Forest Culture Town

Located in Geoncheon-ri, Nami-myeon, Geumsan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, Geumsan Forest Culture Town is a comprehensive forest eco-resort you can enjoy in the primeval forest. Nestled within the Geumsan Forest Culture Town where Nami Natural Recreation Forest, Geumsan Eco Forest, and Neutigol Forest Bath are located, this beautiful camping site is just a 30-minute drive from Geumsan and an hour from Daejeon.


In this serene forest retreat, a total of 74 camping decks are available across three areas: 14 in Camping Zone 1, 18 in Camping Zone 2, and 42 in Camping Zone 3. 14 forest houses in a pension style are located opposite Camping Zone 1. Please note that electricity is not available in Camping Zone 1, but is accessible in Camping Zones 2 and 3. Each camping area comes equipped with one male and one female bathroom, one male and one female shower room, and a washing area. There is also a convenience store operating in the management building of Camping Zone 2.

Features and Benefits

What makes the camping site special is its location within the recreational forest, connected to walking trails. This allows visitors to stroll around the Forest Recreation Center, Eco Forest Learning Center, Wooden Culture Experience Center, Sky Bridge, Sky Slide, and Sky Deck. Visitors should be aware that there are separate entrance and parking fees.

Nearby Attractions and Activities

In the vicinity of the camping site, there are attractions like Daedunsan, Jeokbyeokgang, Geumsan Ginseng Museum, Chilbaek’s Gun, and a tower commemorating the victory at Yukbaek Goji, which makes it easy for campers to enjoy touring around.

  • Sunrise and sunset spots
  • Spring flower trip
  • Summer waterside activities
  • Autumn foliage spots
  • Walking trails

Although there are not many restaurants nearby, there are many eateries that use ginseng as an ingredient in the vicinity of the Geumsan Market and Geumsan Ginseng Museum when you go to Geumsan Town.

Contact Information

Address: San 166, Geoncheon-ri, Nami-myeon, Geumsan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do

Telephone: 041-753-5706