Experience the Blue Ocean at 914 Beach Campsite: Breeze and Buzz!

914 Beach Campground

914 Beach Campground

Let’s race along and savor the blue sea at the 914 Beach Campground.


The number ‘914’ is a playful numerical representation of the word ‘Gusipo’. The 914 Beach Campground is located in Jarong-ri, Sangha-myeon, Gochang, adjacent to the Gusipo Beach, and it’s conveniently accessible from Gwangju. Spanning a 464-pyeong area, the campground features 8 private caravan sites, all with bare ground. Patrons of the campground can use the warm water showers, toilets, and electricity facilities for free, boasting a clean and pleasant environment.

Being adjacent to the sea, you can enjoy swimming and also take a stroll through the beach pine forest. The towering pine forest, in particular, provides a cool shade even in the scorching summer, creating a beautiful scene that resembles an ink wash painting.


If you want to enjoy the 914 Beach Campground more intensively, nestled in a beautiful natural environment, try taking advantage of the playground equipment. Rentals of two-person bicycles, electric kickboards, and electric scooters are available, allowing you to ride along the blue seaside and enjoy the fantastic scenery.


  • Address: 539-18, Jinam-gusipo-ro, Sangha-myeon, Gochang-gun, Jeollabuk-do
  • Telephone: 063-564-6096
  • Nearby activities: Sunset viewing spot, water leisure, fishing, summer water play, walking path