Experience Natures Playground at Dorimsa Auto Camping Site

Dorimsa Auto Camping Site

Dorimsa Auto Camping Site

Looking for a place to embrace nature and cherish its beauty? Dorimsa Auto Camping Site is your perfect destination. Located in Dorim-ro, Gokseong-eup, Gokseong-gun, this campsite is an ideal spot to befriend nature and enjoy its tranquility.

About Dorimsa Auto Camping Site

Dorimsa is a temple established during the Silla era by Wonhyo and has now evolved into a serene sanctuary amidst nature. Directly in front of the temple is a valley that boasts a majestic view, with old pine trees and waterfalls augmenting its beauty. The waterfall cascades over a wide flat rock and above the valley is the Sinseon Rock, known for its breathtaking view and the myth that fairies used to play there.

The valley, just a minute’s drive from the campsite, is a perfect spot for everyone to enjoy. With clean water and shade to protect from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, it is an ideal place for children to enjoy water play. However, it is recommended to play downstream with children as the water flow upstream is strong.

Facilities and Nearby Attractions

The campsite is equipped with 40 camping sites, 10 caravans, and 14 cabins. It also provides cooking areas, showers, and toilets. Nearby, you will find the beautiful Seomjin River and Boseong River, Train Village, Aprok Recreation Area, Dorimsa Temple, Taean Temple, Observatory, and Dongak Mountain hiking trail, offering a variety of activities to enjoy along with camping.

Contact Details

  • Address: 74 Dorim-ro, Gokseong-eup, Gokseong-gun, Jeollanam-do
  • Telephone: 061-363-6224

Nearby Activities

While camping at Dorimsa Auto Camping Site, you can also make the most of your trip by enjoying the spring flower trips and walking trails nearby.