Experience Nature at Wolchulsan National Parks Cheonwang Campsite

Experience Nature at Wolchulsan National Park’s Cheonwang Campsite

Get a taste of the untouched beauty of Wolchulsan at the Cheonwang Campsite. Nestled in the heart of the Wolchulsan National Park, the Cheonwang Campsite is an ideal escape for those looking to immerse themselves in nature.

Wolchulsan National Park's Cheonwang Campsite

After parking at the nearby pocket parking lot, campers can load their gear onto a rear car and select their preferred camping spot. Each deck features a table, making for a more comfortable camping experience. Notably, all sites come equipped with electricity and amenities such as a cooking area, restrooms, and shower facilities. As a government-run facility, it offers the advantage of being relatively affordable. This campsite is the closest you can get to experiencing the natural splendor of Wolchulsan.

Boasting a deep, verdant forest and a hiking trail, it holds its own even when compared to natural forest campgrounds. It serves as a popular base camp for exploring Wolchulsan, attracting many campers. Most importantly, the campsite minimizes damage to nature, offering a harmonious blend with the surroundings that will make you feel as if you’ve become part of nature itself. To use the campsite, you need to make an online reservation through the National Park website. On-site payment is possible if there are vacant spots on the day, but this can be challenging during peak season. Therefore, it is recommended to reserve in advance if you plan to visit.

Features and Benefits

  • General camping ground (25 spots)
  • Stay facilities (10 buildings)

Location and Contact

Address: 280-73 Cheonwangsa-ro, Youngam-eup, Youngam-gun, Jeollanam-do

Telephone: 061-473-5210

Nearby Activities

Enjoy spring flower trips and walking trails in the vicinity of the campsite, adding to the richness of your camping experience.