Experience Nature at Muju Pine Forest Campsite: A Place to Live with Phytoncides

Muju Pine Forest Campground

Muju Pine Forest Campground

Muju Pine Forest Campground, or 무주 솔밭야영장, is an ideal getaway spot for camping enthusiasts who are in love with Korean culture and nature. It’s nestled within the verdant pine forests along the deep valleys of Deogyusan and offers a perfect healing spot with clean air and clear water.

Live with Phytoncides in the Forest

The campground’s biggest allure is the abundance of phytoncides, a natural antibiotic substance emitted by the pine trees. This feature allows campers to naturally breathe in these beneficial compounds while enjoying their camping experience, making it an ideal place for a physical and mental retreat.

Facilities and Amenities

The spacious campground is composed of a deck and auto camping sites that offer enough room for a relaxed and comfortable stay. The clean and well-maintained shower rooms, toilets, and water supply facilities are loved by campers. Each deck comes with a free hammock and electric supply, offering a comfortable outdoor experience. The campground also features a large foot volleyball court for children to play safely.

Activities and Nearby Attractions

  • Sunrise Spot
  • Skiing
  • Summer Water Play
  • Autumn Foliage Spot
  • Winter Snow Flower Spot
  • Walking Trails

Moreover, the surrounding area is incredibly clean. During winter, the creek transforms into an ice sledding park, making it a great place to visit when it snows.

Contact Information

Address: 294, Wontongsa-ro, Anseong-myeon, Muju-gun, Jeonbuk

Telephone: 010-5207-4803


Whether you’re looking for a place to unwind or an adventure-filled camping trip, Muju Pine Forest Campground serves as a fantastic choice. Its natural beauty, coupled with a range of outdoor activities, guarantees a memorable camping experience.