Experience Nature at its Best at Cheontae Mountain Auto Camping Site: The Natural Campsite with Clear Water and Fresh Air

Heavenly Mountain Auto Camping Site

Heavenly Mountain Auto Camping Site

Heavenly Mountain Auto Camping Site, nestled in the beautiful landscape of Yangsan, is a natural campsite where you can immerse yourself in clear water and clean air.

About Heavenly Mountain Auto Camping Site

Known as one of the three famous mountains in Yangsan, Heavenly Mountain stands tall at 631m, bordering the Nakdong River. The mountain is renowned for its exceptional scenic beauty dating back centuries. Heavenly Mountain Auto Camping Site is situated at the perfect spot boasting beautiful views and clear waters.

The campsite is located at the upper part of the Heavenly Mountain valley, allowing campers to enjoy the fresh air and clear water directly. The campsite comprises over 30 sites, arranged in a 3-tiered stairway style. The first floor is for a comfortable stay, the second floor for fun, and the third floor for the best views. The spacious sites provide plenty of room for pitching tents and enjoying a comfortable camping experience. In the summer, you can spend a cool summer fishing and playing in the valley where shades and flat spaces are set.


263-14, Eoyeong-gil, Won-dong, Yangsan-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea

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