Experience Modern Glamping at Bito Island Shinwoo Resort, Home of the Legendary Turtle and Rabbit

Vito Island Shinwoo Resort Modern Glamping

Vito Island Shinwoo Resort Modern Glamping

If you’ve ever dreamt of camping in a place straight from a fairy tale, Vito Island Shinwoo Resort Modern Glamping is the perfect spot for you. Located in Sacheon City, the site is alive with the legend of Byuljubu, where a rabbit and a turtle once lived.

Experience the Legend

At Vito Island, you can experience the beauty of the sea and the natural forest all in one location. The resort-style campground offers a panoramic view of the ocean and features glamping, caravans, pensions, and camping sites. Both the caravan and glamping sites are equipped with bathrooms for convenience, and each site has a private deck perfect for barbecue parties.

Amenities and Activities

  • The campground is made up of crushed stone sites, with both general and oceanfront options available.
  • Each site comes with individual electric outlets and streetlights for added convenience.
  • There is a large swimming pool with separate areas for toddlers and children, allowing for safe swimming while enjoying the view of the sea.
  • A golf course (equipment rental available) and a foot volleyball court are present for those wanting to stay active.
  • At low tide, you can head down to the mudflats to catch clams, crabs, and other sea creatures. Footwear must be prepared by the campers, but tools like hoes, buckets, and shovels can be borrowed from the campsite for free. However, a small fee is required as the mudflats are village property (5000 won for adults and children over 36 months, free for infants).

Additional Features and Benefits

For those who prefer a bit of comfort and leisure, the resort also boasts a coffee shop, seminar room, and billiard hall among other convenient facilities.

Location and Contact Details

The resort is located at 255-20 Vitori, Seopo-myeon, Sacheon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do. For inquiries, you can reach them at 055-855-1176.

Nearby Activities

While at the resort, you can also enjoy nearby activities such as sunset viewing, fishing, and spring flower tours.