Experience Luxury Caravan Camping at Tayo Campsite with Ocean Views

Tayo Camping Site

Tayo Camping Site

The Tayo Camping Site, meaning ‘sunrise camping site’, is a high-class caravan camping site with a stunning sea view. Nestled in the innermost part of the Obun-ri beach pension village, it lies between Maengbang Beach and Samcheok Port.

Features of Tayo Camping Site

Despite having only six caravans, Tayo Camping Site is a popular choice among campers for its alluring sea view observable from every caravan. Each caravan comes with a terrace equipped with barbecue facilities, making it a perfect spot for an outdoor feast. The camping site also boasts a children’s playground, a kiddie pool, a photo zone, and a small cafe, making it an ideal destination for family fun and relaxation.


The Tayo Camping Site is located at 31-18, Obun-dong Mountain, Samcheok City, Gangwon Province.

Nearby Activities

  • It is an excellent spot for watching the sunrise, making it a must-visit for those who wish to witness and capture the breathtaking spectacle of the sun emerging from the horizon.

Experience the tranquility of nature, the sound of waves, and the scenic beauty of the sunrise at Tayo Camping Site.