Experience Healing All Year Round at Wanju Hilljo Town Camping Site

Wanju Hilljo Town Campground

Wanju Hilljo Town Campground

Experience healing at the Wanju Hilljo Town Campground, which shines all year round.


Wanju Hilljo Town Campground is a place that carries the meaning of harmonious healing. It is a complex cultural facility where you can enjoy accommodation, leisure, dining, experiences, and tourism. It features a garden filled with various flowers, a restaurant, a cafe, and other convenience facilities. Right in front is Bongsil Mountain, which brings a cool breeze throughout the four seasons. If you follow the hiking trail for about 20 minutes, you will find a famous spring rumored to bring good fortune.

This place is famous for its Light Festival, the only festival in Jeolla Province that takes place all year round. Notably, the course that involves walking while watching the brilliant lights throughout the town is a popular spot for couples’ dates and family visits with children. Also, the adjacent Herb Park is a great course to take a look around while observing various herbs.

In addition to camping, you can spend a night at Hilljo Town with a one-time ticket of 25,000 KRW per person, which includes foot bath and hydrogen therapy, and you can also choose a meal or drink. It is worth noting that the trees visible from the window while taking a foot bath have a calming effect.


  • Address: 235-38 Cheonho-ro, Bibong-myeon, Wanju-gun, Jeonbuk
  • Telephone: 063-1899-5852

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