Experience Delightful Camping at Baekgyeong Auto Campsite Framed by the Mesmerizing East Sea Views

Enjoy the Magical Landscape of the East Sea at the White Scenery Auto Camping Site

White Scenery Auto Camping Site
The White Scenery Auto Camping Site (백경오토캠핑장) is nestled in Nam-gu, Pohang, North Gyeongsang Province. It’s a fantastic spot to enjoy camping with the magical view of the sea in front of Pohang as your companion. Known for its beautiful surroundings, the camping site is popular year-round and is renowned as a place that once visited, campers are sure to return.

Location and Accessibility

The camping site is roughly 27 km from Pohang City Hall and can be reached by driving on the New Millennium Road, Youngilman Road, and Haksam Road. The journey usually takes around 40 minutes. The campsite has prepared 29 car camping sites, all of which have a size of 6m wide and 9m long. The ground is all made of masato, and it’s possible to enter accompanied by a trailer or caravan. Extension cords can be borrowed from the management office, but only for campers who have forgotten to bring one.

Attractions and Nearby Activities

The White Scenery Auto Camping Site operates year-round and accepts reservations online in real-time. The campsite is within a short distance of several popular tourist spots in Pohang, including Guryongpo Port, Homigot Sunrise Plaza, and Yangpo Port. There’s also a multitude of restaurants selling fresh seafood nearby, adding a gastronomic delight to your camping experience. The campsite is also conveniently located near various activities such as sunrise and sunset viewing spots, water sports, fishing, activities, summer water games, and walking trails.

  • Address: 70 Youngam-gil, Janggi-myeon, Nam-gu, Pohang, North Gyeongsang Province
  • Telephone: 054-283-0109

Features and Benefits

The most striking feature of the White Scenery Auto Camping Site is its location right in front of the sea, offering campers a unique and immersive seaside camping experience.