Experience a Relaxing Day at the Atmospheric Haemil Camping Site

Haemil Camping Ground

Haemil Camping Ground

Experience a relaxing day in the atmospheric Haemil Camping Ground, nestled in the heart of Korean countryside. The name ‘Haemil’, meaning ‘clear sky after the rain’, perfectly encapsulates the tranquil beauty of this place.

About Haemil Camping Ground

Haemil Camping Ground is a unique camping site that has been transformed from an abandoned school in Deoksan-ri, Anseong-myeon, Muju. It operates concurrently with a pension and offers an auto camping site with 40 crushed stone sites. Each site is spacious and separated, ensuring a peaceful and relaxed camping experience, devoid of clutter. The panoramic view from the pension’s rooftop is a must-see. Its ample space and pleasant facilities make it an excellent choice for group customers, making it a popular meeting place.

Stroll along a beautiful flower garden and an atmospheric ivy tunnel next to the pavilion, admiring the well-maintained landscapes along the path. Take a moment to sit on a wooden chair and enjoy the scenic view. There’s also a chicken coop right next to the shower, where you can observe chickens up close. They play the role of an alarm clock at the Haemil Camping Ground!

Features and Benefits

The camping ground, meticulously crafted with well-tended trees in an abandoned school, exudes the ambiance of a tree garden. With a large and lovely swimming pool, it’s a delightful place for children to play during the summer.

Location and Contact Information

  • Address: 112-7 Deoksan-ro, Anseong-myeon, Muju-gun, Jeonbuk
  • Telephone: Not Available

Nearby Activities

Take advantage of the walking trails for a leisurely stroll and enjoy the serene environment of the countryside. It’s a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the calming rhythm of nature.