Enjoy Serene Camping amidst Pristine Nature at Paraeso Campsite

Parae Garden Campsite

Parae Garden Campsite

Located at the foot of the pristine Paenae waterfall in Banegol, the Parae Garden Campsite and Pension offers a tranquil camping experience amidst pure, untouched nature. As the night falls, you can marvel at the countless stars scattered across the clear sky. With both a pension and campground available, this site caters to a variety of camping preferences.

The site is equipped with crushed stone, making it suitable for pitching tents. There’s ample space and electrical outlets are available for use. A pristine stream flows next to the campground, perfect for children to enjoy water games and catch fish during summer.


  • Spacious camping site
  • Electricity availability
  • Stream for water games and fishing
  • Foot volleyball court
  • Large swimming pool
  • Restaurant and convenience store
  • Conference hall and banquet hall suitable for corporate workshops, student MTs, and group meetings

The campsite is located just over an hour from Busan, Ulsan, and Daegu, making it an ideal weekend getaway for families and groups of friends. It’s also equipped with a conference hall and banquet hall, making it suitable for company workshops, student MTs, and group meetings.

Contact Information

Address: 43-21 Cheongsugol-gil, Won-dong, Yangsan-si, Gyeongnam

Phone: 052-264-1999

Unfortunately, there are no specific features, benefits, or nearby activities provided for this campsite. However, its exceptional natural beauty and comprehensive facilities make it a compelling choice for nature lovers and camping enthusiasts.