Enjoy Natures Retreat at MetaPark, located in Geumsan Mountain

MetaPark: An Enchanting Retreat in the Arms of Nature

Located on the slopes of Mt. Geumsung, MetaPark is a haven for those looking to immerse themselves in the serenity of nature. With its lush greenery and convenient facilities, this camping site is a paradise for nature lovers and camping enthusiasts alike.

A Closer Look at MetaPark

MetaPark, nestled amidst the dense forests of Damyang, is situated along the Geumsungsanseong-gil in Geumsung-myeon, Damyang-gun. The park, strategically located at the foot of the Korean top 100 mountain, Mt. Geumsung, and near the Damyang Dam, is easily accessible to visitors. The dense forestation provides ample shade, making it a cool retreat even in the hot summer months. The abundance of trees also makes it an ideal spot for hammock lovers. So, if you’re one, don’t forget to pack yours when you visit!

The park, spread over a vast area of 3,000 pyeong, consists of 24 general campsites and 10 caravan facilities. What’s more, the park provides a year-round view of the beautiful Mt. Geumsung. Spring brings beautiful cherry blossom paths, summer is adorned with cool Zelkova trees, autumn presents a fantastical maple tunnel, and winter boasts evergreen camellia trees. Each season offers a unique charm, and camping while observing different types of trees is one of the unique experiences you can have here.

Additionally, MetaPark is conveniently located near Damyang Hot Springs and offers affiliate discounts to its users.

Contact Information and Nearby Activities

  • Address: 260 Geumsungsanseong-gil, Geumsung-myeon, Damyang-gun, Jeollanam-do
  • Telephone: 010-3625-9457
  • Nearby activities: The park is also known as a famous spot for autumn foliage viewing.