Enjoy Glamping by the Stream at Surak Base Camp

Surak Base Camp

Welcome to the Surak Base Camp, your perfect getaway for a glamping experience combined with water fun by the stream. Situated in Beol-Gok, Nonsan, Chuncheongnam-do, this camping site promises a unique and exciting experience for all nature and Korean culture lovers.

Surak Base Camp

Location and Access

The Surak Base Camp is approximately a 30-minute drive from Nonsan City Hall. You would have to pass through Gyeback intersection and Handeok intersection to reach the camp. The camping site is strategically located next to the Surak stream, making it an excellent spot for water fun. A short walk down a trail next to the glamping site will lead you to a secret-like stream surrounded by lush trees that provide ample shade. The stream depth reaches up to an adult’s chest, eliminating the need for an artificial water playground.

Facilities and Services

The Surak Base Camp features four glamping units, each equipped with bedding, TV, and a refrigerator. Although there’s no air-conditioning, the proximity to the stream makes the nights cool enough to sleep comfortably even in the peak of summer. There are also platforms for guests to rest and escape the summer heat.

  • Address: 242 Surakgyegok-gil, Beol-Gok, Nonsan, Chuncheongnam-do
  • Telephone: 041-735-3369

Nearby Activities and Attractions

Surak Base Camp is located near numerous tourist attractions that can be combined with your camping experience. You can explore the Daedunsan Provincial Park, Taegosa Temple, and other sites. After a fun-filled day, you can satiate your hunger with local tofu dishes available at nearby traditional restaurants. Whether you’re up for a summer water fun or hiking trails, Surak Base Camp got you covered.