Enjoy Glamorous Camping and Caravanning at Yeongwol Byulmaro Pension Campsite

Youngwol Star Horse Pension Camping

Youngwol Star Horse Pension Camping

Immerse yourself in the delightful fusion of glamping and caravan experiences at the Youngwol Star Horse Pension Camping, nestled in the heart of Gangwon-do’s Youngwol-gun, Mureung Dowonmyeon. The name itself hints at the unique charm of this camping site, which promises a perfect getaway under the stars.

Getting There

Conveniently located, Youngwol Star Horse Pension Camping is accessible from the central expressway’s Shinrim IC. Just head in the direction of Shinrim and Jucheon, and pass through Pinocchio Natural Recreation Forest and Beopheung Valley to reach this serene camping spot.

Accommodation Options

Boasting of a spectacular riverside view, this camping site offers a choice between 5 glamping tents and 3 caravans. There are two types of glamping options available: The River Glamping with its picturesque riverside setting and Opera Glamping, which is reminiscent of an opera house in design.


  • Inside the accommodations, you’ll find a bed, heating and cooling system, sink, refrigerator, microwave, cooking utensils, tableware, and a bathroom with a shower.
  • Outdoor amenities include a table, chairs, and a parasol.
  • The caravans are equipped with the same amenities as the glamping tents, with the addition of a TV.
  • Outside the caravans, you’ll find a private deck, table, chairs, and a parasol.
  • Additional bathrooms, showers, and sinks are available outside the accommodations.


While the site doesn’t feature a convenience store, a supermarket is located within 1 km, ensuring that you have easy access to all necessities during your camping trip.


Address: 1078-22, Mureungbeopheung-ro, Mureung Dowonmyeon, Youngwol-gun, Gangwon-do
Telephone: 010-5107-3824

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