Enjoy Exciting Camping under the Shady Trees at Sajimok Woodland Campsite

The Shade of Four Trees

The Shade of Four Trees Campsite

Situated in the cool valleys with plenty of shade, the Korean camping site ‘사지목 나무그늘,’ translated to ‘The Shade of Four Trees,’ offers a thrilling camping experience. This location is perfect for those who desire a refreshing and invigorating retreat amidst the beauty of nature.

Campground Information

The Shade of Four Trees operates from April to October. Vehicle accessibility is also available, with the site offering two main options for camping:

  • Day camping (09:00 – 18:00) is priced at 20,000 KRW, excluding electricity fees.
  • Overnight camping (13:00 to 12:00 the next day) is priced at 40,000 KRW, excluding electricity fees.

Please note that pre-reservation is not available, and camping sites are assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Location and Contact

The Shade of Four Trees is located at 201 Neulbat-ro, Wondong-myeon, Yangsan-si, Gyeongnam. For any queries or additional information, you can reach out to us at 010-7670-5959.

Nearby Activities

During the summer, the campsite offers numerous water activities. So prepare yourself for a fun-filled adventure in the heart of South Korea’s beautiful countryside at The Shade of Four Trees.