Enjoy Camping at Okseong Natural Recreation Forest: A Place Filled with Refreshing Charm

Okseong Natural Rest Area

Okseong Natural Rest Area

Line Intro: Enjoy Camping in a Space Full of Refreshing Vibes

The Okseong Natural Rest Area, located in Okseong-myeon, Gumi City, Gyeongsangbuk-do, is about 30 km away from Gumi City Hall. You can reach the place by driving along Seonsan Road, Nakdong Road, and Seonsangdong Road in sequence. It takes around 45 minutes to get there. This place is situated in one of Gumi’s representative tourist spots, thus allowing you to fully enjoy camping in a space full of refreshing vibes.


The campsite has prepared 64 general camping sites. The ground is all decked, and the site size is 3.2m in width and 3.2m in length. The use of electricity and fire pits is not allowed, and cooking is only permitted around the deck or kitchen area. The camping site entrance time is 1 pm on the day of use, and the departure time is 1 pm the next day. The campsite operates on both weekdays and weekends, but it closes for the season from November every year to May the following year due to the forest fire caution period.

There are tourist spots such as the Geumo Folk Museum and Ilseon-ri Gotak Cultural Heritage Village near the campsite. There are also several restaurants around the tourist sites, which brings the joy of gastronomy.

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Address: 150, Rest Forest Road, Okseong-myeon, Gumi City, Gyeongsangbuk-do

Telephone: 054-481-4052

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