Enjoy Camping at NaeSo Healing Camp: Pick Fresh Fruits and Dig for Clams!

Healing Camp at My Orchard (내소힐링캠프)

Healing Camp at My Orchard

Imagine a camping experience where you can pluck fresh fruits from the trees and dig for clams. Healing Camp at My Orchard makes this delightful experience a reality.


The Healing Camp at My Orchard is a camping site created by remodeling an orchard. Spanning over an area of 3,000 square meters, it comprises 38 general camping sites and 20 individual caravan sites, which are laid out on decks and crushed stones. The camping sites are quite spacious, providing ample room for relaxation. With ample parking space, transferring luggage is a breeze. Furthermore, each site is equipped with electricity.

As the site is a remodeled orchard, the camping area is adorned with over two-decade-old fruit trees, offering the opportunity for fruit-picking. The site is reminiscent of a botanical garden, home to plum trees, peach trees, chestnut trees, and much more. While the harvest season differs for each tree, March is considered the most beautiful time of the year, as the plum blossoms are at their peak. The added benefit of camping amidst the fragrance of plum blossoms is indeed a unique experience.

The Healing Camp at My Orchard is engulfed in lush nature, making it ideal for nature lovers. The abundance of tree shade provides respite from the heat. Campers can enjoy water play in the small stream next to the camping site or go fishing in the nearby sea. The campsite’s proximity to Byeonsanbando National Park allows for hiking and trekking. With a variety of sights to see and experiences to enjoy, this campsite truly offers a holistic camping experience.


Address: 49-6, Wonam-gil, Jinseo-myeon, Buan-gun, Jeonbuk, South Korea

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