Enjoy Camping at Mokkoji Campsite, Nestled Along a Reservoir Trail

Mokkoji Campsite: A Delightful Escape by the Reservoir

Mokkoji Campsite


Nestled right below the Geumjeong Reservoir in Kimje, Mokkoji Campsite opened its doors in 2017. Mokkoji, which translates to ‘a place where many people gather to play’, lives up to its name as an ideal location for families and groups. Spanning over 2,000 pyeong (approximately 66,115 square feet), the campsite is complemented by caravans. Particularly in the summer, an abundance of beautiful trees around the caravans offer a refreshing shade from the heat.

Since the campsite is relatively new, the facilities are clean and well-maintained. A restaurant at the entrance allows campers to enjoy dishes like chicken and duck. The reservoir’s clear water and fresh air make Mokkoji an enjoyable place. A trail around the reservoir is perfect for leisurely walks. As you stroll along, you’ll come across a viewpoint overlooking the Geumjeong Reservoir and the campsite, offering a truly breathtaking view.

While Mokkoji is splendid throughout the year, the scent of blooming acacia flowers during spring wafts around the campsite, making it an exceptional time for healing and relaxation.

Features and Benefits

  • Located within the Jeonju region
  • Cafe on-site
  • Near Geumjeong Reservoir
  • Water play facilities
  • Close to Geumsan Temple

Contact Information

Address: 167-16, Moak-ro, Geumsan-myeon, Kimje-si, Jeollabuk-do
Telephone: 063-543-4035

Nearby Activities

With the renowned spots for fall foliage and walking trails nearby, there’s plenty to do around Mokkoji Campsite. It’s a great base for exploring the area’s natural beauty.