Enjoy Camping at Byulnamu: A Peaceful Rural Retreat in Korea

Starwood Camping Ground: A Tranquil Camping Experience in a Quiet Country Village

Located in the serene countryside village of Unsudong in Goryeong County, Gyeongsangbuk Province, Starwood Camping Ground Starwood Camping Ground is a haven for campers seeking some peace and quiet.

Getting There

Starwood Camping Ground is a mere 15-minute drive from the Goryeong County Office, an 8-kilometer journey that takes you through beautiful landscapes. The camping ground is adjacent to a main road, but it’s located within a quiet rural school complex, offering campers a serene retreat.

Facilities and Amenities

The campsite has prepared 45 general camping sites. The size and number of sites are 6.5 meters in width and 10 meters in length. Of these, 31 sites are grassy, perfect for setting up tents, while the remaining 14 are covered in crushed stone. There are also sites near the shade of large trees, offering cool and comfortable camping even in the summer. Campers with personal trailers and caravans are welcome, and facilities like barbecue grills, electricity, and wireless internet are available. The management office also operates a convenience store and a café. The campsite operates all year round and accepts reservations through telephone and online in real-time. Please note, though, that companion dogs are not allowed on the premises.


The Starwood Camping Ground is located at 18-26 Beopseung-gil, Unsudong, Goryeong County, Gyeongsangbuk Province.

Nearby Attractions

The area around the campsite is teeming with tourist attractions, including Goryeong Gogari Mural Tomb and Goryeong Daegaya Relics. There is also Solmaru, a place where you can taste Eotang and Eotang noodles, a delicious local delicacy.