Enjoy Camping and Water Fun at SuSeungDae Auto Campground

Suseungdae Auto Camping Site

Suseungdae Auto Camping Site

Imagine a camping site where you can enjoy both camping and water activities simultaneously. Welcome to Suseungdae Auto Camping Site.

Introduction to Suseungdae Auto Camping Site

Suseungdae Auto Camping Site is located in Wichon-myeon, Geochang County, Gyeongnam, near Suseungdae Campground. It provides a different atmosphere from typical campgrounds. Each site has a table and chairs, making it comfortable for meals or drinks. The sites are spacious, allowing for a leisurely tent set up and a comfortable stay.

Beside the camping site flows a valley, offering a cool place to enjoy water activities. There are clean bathrooms and showers with good water pressure and hot water (shower is free of charge). Hot water is also available at the sink, making dishwashing comfortable. The outdoor swimming pool and water park are the best summer retreats loved by both adults and children. The depth of the water is not too deep, making it safe for young children to play. Please note that pets are not allowed in the camping site. Caravan entry is possible, and reservations can be made on the Suseungdae website.

Contact Information

  • Address: 2 Eunha-ri-gil, Wichon-myeon, Geochang County, Gyeongsangnam-do
  • Telephone: 055-940-8530