Enjoy Camping and the Sea at the GamaMiya Campsite

Pottery Village Campsite (가마미야영장)

Forget about your worries, and come enjoy camping by the sea at the Pottery Village Campsite (가마미야영장).

Pottery Village Campsite

Pottery Village Campsite, located in the Hongnong-eup region of Yeonggwang County, is a camping facility spread over a whopping 45,000 m². The campsite consists of 26 standard camping sites and 10 caravan spots. Managed by the local community under a municipal mandate, the campsite is an ideal spot for those seeking a perfect blend of land and sea.

Facilities and Attractions

The campsite’s unique location next to the beach allows campers to set up their tents right on the sand, making for an immersive seaside experience. The nearby Pottery Village Beach is one of the top three resorts in the Honam region. The beach boasts a wide sandy expanse in the shape of a crescent moon, backed by a dense pine forest that stretches far into the distance, creating a cozy atmosphere.

With its shallow waters, clear seawater, and fine sand, the beach offers a stress-free environment for water activities and sand bathing. In front of the beach are the islands of Namdo, which provide a breathtaking view. The sunset over the West Sea offers a charm quite different from the sunrise over the East Sea.

Other nearby attractions include the Yeonggwang Aquarium, Baeksoo Coastal Road, Noeul Exhibition Hall, Bulgapsa, Gomahyang, and the first arrival site of Baekje Buddhism. If time allows, make sure to visit these places.

Contact Information

Address: 120 Gyemagil, Hongnong-eup, Yeonggwang County, Jeonnam

Telephone: 061-350-5413

Nearby Activities

  • Sunset sightseeing
  • Fishing
  • Spring flower trips
  • Summer water activities