Dive into the Free Creek Adventure at Starlight Dure Pension Camping Site!

Starlight Village Pension Camping Site

Starlight Village Pension Camping Site

Welcome to the Starlight Village Pension Camping Site, where you can enjoy free diving in the valley!


The Starlight Village Pension Camping Site is located on Seokwon-ro in Buggi-myeon, Jinan, and is operated together with the Starlight Village Pension. The facility consists of six pension buildings and 15 regular camping sites. For pension users, a deck or table for outdoor dining is provided. The pensions here offer a feeling akin to a ‘pretty log cabin built in the forest’.

Opening the window of the pension, you are met with a direct view of the valley, a popular spot of Starlight Village. The clear waters of the valley not only allow for fun water activities but are deep and cozy enough for diving. There is a large rock on one side of the valley, and jumping off the rock can make you forget the scorching heat of the sun. A rope is installed on the rock, and many people enjoy climbing up the rope and diving off the rock. However, due to the depth of the water, it is recommended to wear a life jacket when diving. Additionally, Starlight Village has a foot volleyball court inside, so you can enjoy simple sports such as foot volleyball and badminton. Why not create fun memories with your group?


  • Address: Seokjeong Rest Area, 24-0 Seokwon-ro, Jinan-gun, Jeollabuk-do
  • Telephone: 063-432-6068

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