Discover The Haru Campsite: The Camping Spot So Good, Youll Want To Stay An Extra Day!

More Day Camping Site (더하루야영장)

Step into the enchanting world of the More Day Camping Site, where every moment compels you to stay “just one more day”. Nestled in the heart of Muju Gucheondong, this camping site is a haven for all camping and Korean culture enthusiasts.

More Day Camping Site

Experience the Serenity

Operating in tandem with the More Day Pension, the More Day Camping Site is a mere 10-minute distance from the Muju Ski Resort, making it a popular choice among ski enthusiasts. Spread over an area of 1,200 pyeong, the site houses five caravans, each equipped with three beds, a dining table, and a bathroom. The space is bifurcated into two levels, providing ample room for multiple guests without feeling crowded.

Unmatched Comfort

Each caravan is fitted with warm heating and a two-burner electric range, making cooking a breeze. Additionally, the spacious refrigerator and well-equipped interiors with bedding, kitchen utensils, and toiletries ensure an unmatched level of convenience. Each caravan also boasts its own barbecue area, complete with a cozy tent to ensure your camping experience is unhindered by rain or snow.

Immerse in Luxury

The accompanying More Day Pension exudes an elegant, modern design. With eight buildings offering a variety of room sizes from 18 pyeong to 34 pyeong, and a spa room with an indoor pool for personal use, you’re in for a luxurious treat. The harmonious ambiance between the camping site and the pension is sure to amplify your camping experience.

Essential Information

  • Address: 543-0, Gucheondong-ro, Muju-gun, Jeollabuk-do
  • Telephone: 063-322-2311

Activities Around

Immerse yourself in a variety of activities around the More Day Camping Site. Whether it’s skiing in winter, enjoying water fun in summer, admiring the autumn foliage, or reveling in the beauty of the winter snowflakes, there’s always something to look forward to during your stay.