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Heeri Campground: Where Korean Culture and Nature Combine

Found nestled within the pristine valleys of Yeongwol, Heeri Campground is a remarkable representative of the Kim Satgat Valley’s charm. An amalgamation of camping, glamping, and pension, this facility is a haven for nature lovers and enthusiasts of Korean culture.

Positioned in the midstream of Kim Satgat Valley, Heeri Campground is surrounded by an unspoiled natural environment. The valley, named after the wandering poet Kim Satgat (real name Kim Byung-yeon) from the Joseon Dynasty, is known for its stunning landscapes and pollution-free atmosphere. The campground, with its cool waters and picturesque scenery, provides a breath of fresh air for those seeking an escape from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Features and Benefits

  • [Kim Satgat Valley] Located within Yeongwol County’s Kim Satgat Valley, the campground retains the untouched beauty of nature.
  • [Heeri] The resort operates camping, glamping, and pool villa facilities. It aims to provide a premium camping and glamping experience, complete with whirlpool & spa facilities in the pool villa. It also boasts a swimming pool and other amenities that everyone can enjoy.

Over the years, Heeri Campground has transformed from a renowned spa pension facility into a resort-style complex by adding glamping and car camping sites. The campground is located right next to a clean valley stream where guests can enjoy a dip, and it also has a luxuriously decorated outdoor swimming pool.

Contact Information

  • Address: 587-6 Kim Satgat-ro, Kim Satgat-myeon, Yeongwol-gun, Gangwon-do
  • Telephone: 010-2835-2448

Nearby Activities

Guests can enjoy a variety of activities around the campground, making it the perfect base for exploring the area. Enjoy fishing, engaging in exciting activities, embarking on a spring flower trip, summer water play, visiting autumn foliage sites, winter snow flower sites, and exploring walking trails.